Book your October-March trip now for just 890-1200 NOK per night

How it works

1. Use the booking search form, car availability tab or send us an email to inquire about your preferred dates. Select your dates and pay with PayPal. All payments are in advance upon booking. There is a minimum rental period of 2 days.

2. The price is 1290-1690 NOK (about 130-170 EUR) per night. There is an automatic 5% discount for bookings of more than 5 days, 10% for more than 10 days and 15% for more than 14 days. The price is 890-1190 NOK in the October-March months.

3. Insurance is INCLUDED in the price. There is a 5000 NOK (about 500 EUR) deposit which will be returned to you when the car is safely and properly returned. The deposit is your maximum self-risk if involved in any accident.

4. There is a 600 NOK (about 60 EUR) fixed and prepaid “return fee” which covers ALL your toll road passings. And believe us, there are quite a few, and they are quite expensive.

5. Once you have paid through PayPal you will receive a booking confirmation. We will be in touch with you to schedule your pick-up and help you plan your trip.

5. You will either be met by a Cabin Campers representative or you will receive instructions on where to pick-up the key (automatic key-box) and campervan. We guarantee a centrally located and easily accessible location in any case.

6. Our campervans can be picked up and dropped off in Oslo and Stavanger. If you pick up in one location and drop off in another, there is a 3000 NOK (about 300 EUR) relocation fee automatically added to your total price.

7. Cancellations until 30 days before you pick-up will be refunded 100%. From 29 days before until 14 days before your pick-up 50% will be refunded. Unfortunately we do not provide refunds for cancellations made 13 days or closer to you pick-up (if you really have to cancel, your insurance will most likely refund it though).

Any questions drop us an email at We reply within 24 hours.

We are a Norwegian campervan rental company that offers unique and custom made campervans inspired by Norwegian cottages. You can pick up and drop off our campervans in Stavanger and Oslo. From Stavanger and Oslo you can easily explore the whole south of Norway in a matter of days, and if you have more time you could also venture north. Norway is a large country geographically, and the highlights such as mountains, glaciers and fjords are spread throughout the beautiful country. There is no doubt that the best way to experience Norway is by driving. Renting a Cabin Camper will give you the perfect freedom to roam – you can drive anywhere and sleep anywhere. What are you waiting for? Start your adventure now!

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