We are a Norwegian campervan rental company that offers unique and custom made campervans inspired by Norwegian cottages. You can pick up and drop off our campervans in Oslo, Norway.

Cabin Campers was born in 2018 after the founder Jan was in Australia and travelled around in a campervan. He understood that this was the perfect way to travell also in Norway, with spacature Nature and studding scenery, but a good drive between them all. Cabin Campers was born and together with 3 others building started. 

The first year 3 campervans were made, second year another 15. Today we have a fleet consisting of several different classes. 

Based on the feedback from guest the vans have been modified and upgrade to ensure that we can offer the best possible campervan. Starting from 2023 we are introducing 0-emission campervans based on the ID-buzz. 

Our mission is to be campervan rental companie that have the best vans, greatest customer service and higest rated by our guest.