Building or buying a campervan

Want to build your own campervan? This is your guy!

Birk Haaland has made all of our campervans!

About Birk

Birk Haaland started with Motorhome construction, also called #vanlife, in 2015 when he quit his oil job to do something new. This was when he went in to convert his first van into a motorhome which was a Ford Transit 2011 model. The car gave a taste of how much freedom and “cuddle” factor you can get from building a motorhome yourself.

After many good trips, he found the next construction project; a Volkswagen Crafter 2007 model (long version 6.95m). He wanted to develop further and try new ideas he came up with. It was great!

After his he made all of Cabin Campers campervan!

Before building your own campervan we recommend renting one (from us of course). This way you can make up your own mind on the set up and so on. 

Want to buy a campervan?

Contact us at, and we will get down to business. 

Also check out our vans for sale here

We are really fully booked this summer. Here are our openings:
The electric ID Buzz campervan:
-21st of July to the 28th of July
-4th of August to the 12 of August
-and anytime after the 19th of August
Transporter campervan:
-25th of July to the 3rd of August
-11th of August to the 15th of August
-and anytime after the 24th of August
Crafter campervan:
-5th of August to the 10th of August
-and anytime after the 21st of August