Cabin Campers Terms and Conditions as of January 17th 2021 

Cabin Campers AS is a small company with a big heart. Although we have a comprehensive terms and condition agreement found in the pages below, please remember that our wish is for you to have an enjoyable adventure with our campervans. We will to the extent possible use common sense and common decency when that is a better option for you as our customer, than the terms and conditions listed below. We are flexible and adaptable to situations or events that are unlikely but may still arise, and will always strive to find the best possible solution. However, as a registered company with legal and other requirements, it is necessary for us to protect both our own company and you as our customer through the specific terms and conditions listed below. If you have any questions please contact us.

These Terms & Conditions are for all rental bookings throughout Norway.

When completing a booking with Cabin Camper, you are accepting the terms and conditions listed below.

  1. DEFINITIONS: The following definitions apply for these Terms & Conditions for Cabin Camper AS herein referred to as Cabin Camper.
    Cabin Camper (the travel agent) is herein referred to as the AGENT.
    The Customer is herein referred to as THE HIRER.

  2. VEHICLE PICK-UP TIMES: are generally between the hours of 09:00am and 3:00pm weekdays or between 8:30am and 11:00am Saturdays.

  3. VEHICLE DROP-OFF TIMES: are generally between the hours of 09:00am and 3:00pm Monday to Friday. Saturday drop- offs are between the hours of 8:00am to 11:00am After-hours drop-offs are available on Saturday prior arrangement using the Key drop-boxes at our depot locations.

  4. SUNDAYS: vehicle pick-up and drop-off is by prior arrangement only.
    However, pick-up and drop-off times may be arranged specifically on a case-by-case basis with Cabin Camper. In the case of using a 3rd party key-pick up/drop-off location/system (where the hirer picks-up/drops-off the key from a kiosk or store and does not meet with a Cabin Camper employee) and where the hirer picks-up/drops-off the campervan at a designated location agreed by both parties – the pick-up/drop-off times described above are void and flexible hours (within agreed limits) are valid.

  1. AFTER-HOURS PICK-UP: Can be made by prior written arrangement only. In the case of pick-off/drop-off with a 3rd party system (as described above), the key and campervan may be picked up or returned within the opening hours of the 3rd party location. Please contact Cabin Camper email for prior written arrangement and confirmation.

  2. LATE DROP-OFF: Vehicles that are returned one day later than the arranged date on the contract will be charged the day rate applicable to the contract in addition to a 1500 NOK late fee. This will be charged for each day the vehicle is late in addition to any revenue lost or costs incurred because of the vehicle being returned late. This is not negotiable and will be deducted from your security deposit.

  3. PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: Cabin Campers AS is generally not open on Public Holidays. If Cabin Campers has made an agreement with a hirer that involves a commitment on a public holiday, cabin campers will uphold that agreement. If a hirer wishes to pick-up or drop-off on a public holiday, he/she may send a request to Cabin Campers.

  4. RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENTS: Reservations can be made through the online booking system on or by sending an email to All payments shall be made at the point of booking. Upon completing an online booking through our website, THE HIRER will be requested to make a full payment for the booking including a deposit. If booking through email requests, an invoice with the full payment will be sent to the hirer and the booking is only considered complete when the invoice is paid in full.

  5. HELPLINE: In case of non-emergency questions and requests, please send an email to A reply will be sent within 24 hours. In case of an emergency or urgent matter, please call our administration at +47 24 077 440
    Please call our insurance partner (IF insurance) road side assistance number +47 21 49 24 00 for on-road service.
    Any problems associated with the vehicle, including equipment failure, must be reported to Cabin Camper as soon as possible and within 24 hours to give Cabin Camper the opportunity to rectify the problem during the rental period.
    Failure to notify Cabin Camper will compromise any claims for compensation. We do not accept liability for any claims submitted after this period. If Cabin Camper is either not contacted or THE HIRER does not allow Cabin Camper the opportunity to rectify the problem during the rental period, THE HIRER agrees that the problem is of such a minor nature that THE HIRER makes no claim for loss of time in respect of the rental period.
    THE HIRER also agrees that Cabin Camper is not responsible for any claims made by THE HIRER after the return of the Vehicle. Note: It can often be difficult to carry out repairs during weekends and holiday periods and/or in remote areas due to limited opening times and/or spare parts and Cabin Camper will not provide refunds due to delays in obtaining parts for repairs.

  1. MINIMUM DAY RENTALS: The minimum rental period for all Cabin Camper Campervans is 2 days during winter season and 3 days during summer season. Bookings of 1 day is not possible.

  2. ONE WAY RENTALS: For pick-up and drop-off to different locations, there will be an extra charge. Please contact us directly for prices.

  3. RENTAL TIME EXTENSIONS: Rental time extensions are at the discretion of Cabin Camper Management and rely entirely on future demand and availability. Any request for an extension MUST be communicated as soon as possible and approved by Cabin Campers.

  4. DROPPING OFF AT A DIFFERENT LOCATION: An unauthorised drop-off to a depot other than that contracted for (as stated on the rental agreement) will result in a relocation fee being charged to the renter of 7500 NOK in addition to the daily rate for each day the vehicle is delayed. However, dropping off at a different location (any location) can be pre-arranged with Cabin Camper by sending a request, receiving a fee-offer and acceptance of that offer by both parties. For example if the renter wants to drop-off a campervan in Trondheim, he/she should send a request as soon as possible to Cabin Campers to enquire about whether this is possible or not and at what fee. Cabin Campers may have the opportunity (or not) to facilitate such requests, and it will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

  5. EARLY DROP-OFF: There is no refund available for the unused portion of the rental should the vehicle be returned earlier than contractually agreed on the rental agreement.

  6. WHEN BOOKING: Please check the campervan you have booked on our website. The website will show THE HIRER all the details of the campervan, including the manufacturer, make, model, year model, and inclusions.

  7. VEHICLE MODEL AND SIZE: All Cabin Camper vehicles are advertised openly and honestly on our website with an accurate description of age, size and carrying capacity of the vehicle.
    All vehicles are supplied in direct relationship to models booked by THE HIRER. Any cancellation or refusal to take the vehicle that was booked is classed as a cancellation on the day of pick-up and will not be entitled to a refund under any circumstance.

  1. PICK-UP INSPECTION: An inspection of the vehicle should be conducted by THE HIRER upon pick-up. The inspection should cover external panel and windscreen, internals of the campervan, and inventory supplied. If the hirer notices any problems or damages it should be reported to Cabin Campers immediately.
    In the case of any issues upon pick-up inspection, please inform Cabin Campers immediately to provide Cabin Campers the opportunity to rectify any points prior to departure.
    Once the campervan is picked-up and taken from the pick-up location, THE HIRER agrees that they have received the vehicle in satisfactory condition and no refunds will be provided for issues with the time of pick-up condition of the vehicle from this point forward.

  1. INSECT INFESTATION: Cabin Camper is not responsible for any insect infestation such as but not limited to ants, flies, and mosquitoes. No refunds will be provided for any infestations mentioned above or that could have occurred during the rental period. Such infestation are generally not a problem in Norway and common sense will also help avoid it.

  2. CANCELLATIONS: Cancellation fees apply as follows:
    Cancellations until 15 days before you pick-up will be refunded 100%. You can change your dates upon availability until 7 days before pick-up.

  1. VEHICLE SUBSTITUTIONS: Cabin Camper reserves the right to upgrade to a higher rated vehicle at no extra cost.

  2. DAILY HIRE CONDITIONS: Rental days are charged per calendar day. The day of pick-up is calculated as the first day of rental and the day of return is calculated as the last day of rental.

  3. DRIVERS: A current motor vehicle driver’s licence is required from all drivers and must be produced in person on pick-up or sent by email to Cabin Campers. Provisional or Probationary licences will not be accepted. A translation of the driver’s licence is also required if it is not in English.

  4. UNAUTHORISED AND PROHIBITED USE: The following persons must not drive the Vehicle;
    Any person who is not identified on the Rental Agreement
    Any person whose blood alcohol concentration exceeds the lawful percentage.
    Any person whose driver’s licence has been cancelled or suspended.
    Any person who is under the influence of legal or illicit drugs.
    Any person who holds a learner’s permit or a probationary license.
    All insurance cover will be void if any of the above terms are breached.

  1. DRIVERS AGE: The minimum age for drivers is 18 years. There is no maximum age if all drivers have an open class driver’s license. (No provisional or learner permits).

  2. CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS: We accept MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express and any other cards accepted by Stripe (our payment system provider). All transactions will be processed in Norwegian Crowns (NOK). Cabin Campers does not charge credit card surcharge fees.

  3. TOLL ROADS: Cabin Camper will charge THE HIRER for all toll road and ferry payments. An E-TOLL tag will be supplied for each campervan. It will be glued to the back of the rear vision mirror. If the E-TAG is lost or damaged during the hire a replacement cost of 500 NOK will be charged.
  4. INSURANCE: All Cabin Camper vehicles have Compulsory Third Party insurance cover. CDW (Collision damage waiwer) is mandatory in Norway and provides compensation for bodily injuries caused by vehicles. It does not provide cover for any damage to the vehicle.
    All Cabin Camper vehicles have Comprehensive Insurance cover, this covers damage to the vehicle, theft of the vehicle, collision, malicious damage and weather damage.
    The HIRER is liable for the cost of damage to the vehicle or third party property damage up to the amount of 5000 NOK unless classified as a SINGLE VEHICLE ACCIDENT or the contract has been breached.

  1. SECURITY DEPOSIT/BOND: A deposit of 3000 NOK will be taken at the point of booking for all drivers 18 years and over. This payment will be held as a bond for all accidents, damage, cleaning fees and administration charges for traffic violations. If the HIRER has multiple accidents during the hire, then a new SECURITY DEPOSIT/BOND will be required after each accident.
    For security purposes, only a credit card or debit card with credit functions can be used to provide a security deposit. The credit card holder is jointly and severally liable for all damage to the rental vehicle.

  1. SECURITY DEPOSIT/BOND RETURN: The Security deposit is fully refundable when the vehicle is returned to the correct location in a clean and undamaged condition. The security deposit will be returned to your credit card within two weeks after the completion of your rental.

  1. OVERHEAD DAMAGE OR UNDERCARRIAGE DAMAGE: this is not covered under insurance and the HIRER is liable for all costs in relation to damage and repairs both to the vehicle and third party claims including property.

  2. WRITING AND CALCULATION ERRORS ON RENTAL AGREEMENT: The charges as set out herein are not final. Should a written and/or a calculation error occur, THE HIRER authorises Cabin Campers to charge their credit card for any shortage, or in case of overpayment, receive payment from Cabin Campers.

  3. TAXES AND GOVERNMENT CHARGES: All charges are inclusive of 25% VAT.

  4. GAS: The gas bottle supplied is not always supplied full on pick-up, but is refilled by Cabin Campers frequently. A refill can be purchased by THE HIRER, at the cost of THE HIRER from any gas station. The gas bottle is not to be used in conjunction with any appliances (Lamps, BBQs etc.) not provided by Cabin Camper. THE HIRER is responsible for any damage to Cabin Campers property caused by incorrect usage of the gas bottle and gas fittings.

  1. FUEL: Regular Diesel is to be used in all Cabin Campers campervans. Fuel is to be refilled by THE HIRER when required. The fuel economy of each individual vehicle may vary depending on several contributing factors including but not limited to how the vehicle is driven, tyre pressure, weather and vehicle loading. Cabin Campers will not be held responsible for any variations to fuel economy.

    The campervan shall be dropped-off with the same amount of fuel as picked-up. Cabin Campers shall deliver a full tank of diesel to THE HIRER at pick-up and THE HIRER shall deliver back the campervan with a full tank of diesel. If Cabin Camper delivers the campervan with a lower-than full tank, the campervan may be returned with an equal amount. This must however be stated, recognized and agreed upon by both parties at pick-up.
    Vehicles returned with a lower level of fuel than indicated will be charged at the market price. If you run out of fuel and request roadside assistance you will be liable for the call out fee, in addition to the cost of the fuel and expenses retrieving the fuel.

  1. CABIN CAMPERS LIABILITY: Cabin camper will not be liable to THE HIRER for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by delayed delivery of the vehicle, or by the vehicle not being suitable for THE HIRER’s purposes. The photos on our website are taken by the staff of Cabin campers and are updated regularly. Cabin Campers will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience from change in drop-off location caused by natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, hailstorms, earthquakes, etc., nor for any personal injury or damage to THE HIRER’s property caused thereby.

  2. TYRE/WINDSCREEN DAMAGE: Tyre damage, flat tyres or spiked tyres are at the cost of the hirer. Average tyre prices in Norway are around NOK 2000, so please take care of the vehicle’s tyres. The renter will be responsible for tyre damage and windscreen damage up to NOK 5000.

  3. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PASSENGERS: THE HIRER agrees that the vehicle rented may only be used to carry the maximum number of passengers as shown on the Rental Agreement or as dictated by licensing authorities. Cabin Campers will not accept any liability if these Terms are breached.
  4. VALUABLES: Cabin Campers assumes no liability for valuables left in or stolen from the vehicle. Please note: Insurance on personal property is THE HIRER’s responsibility.

  5. TRANSFERS: Transfers to and from Cabin Campers are not included in the rental price. It is the responsibility of THE HIRER to arrange transport to and from pick-up locations.

  6. CLEANING FEE ON RETURN OF VEHICLE: The vehicle will be delivered in a clean condition to THE HIRER, who agrees to forfeit a cleaning fee of 500 NOK (inside) & 500 NOK (outside) should the vehicle not be returned to Cabin Camper in the same clean condition.

  7. RENTAL REFUSAL: Cabin Campers reserves the right to refuse any rental, or the continuation of any rental at its discretion.

  8. REPAIRS: Cabin Campers vehicles are always fully maintained and serviced. However, we recognise that occasional breakdowns and small problems will occur. Cabin Campers has a 24/7 agreement on breakdown with our insurance provider.
    Should serious problems be encountered, THE HIRER must inform Cabin Camper at the first possible opportunity, and follow Cabin Campers instructions. In case of an emergency or urgent matter, please call our administration at +47 24 077 440

    Please call our insurance partner (IF insurance) road side assistance number +47 21 49 24 00 for on-road service.

    Down time: In all cases the responsibility of Cabin Campers is limited to refunding for the downtime that the vehicle is in a repair shop and the time lost through not being able to drive the vehicle. Minor repairs to mechanical items and oil consumption up to NOK 500 will be reimbursed against receipts on completion of the rental.

    Accommodation: No alternative accommodation or food items will be paid for during such down time. However, the client has the right to choose between Cabin Campers refunding for lost time, and Cabin Camper paying the accommodation (to a maximum of NOK 1000).

    Flat battery: Should roadside assist be requested by the client due to flat batteries, and it is detected that the cause was due to the fault of the client, the client will be responsible for the callout fee incurred. If the fault with the battery is due to mechanical problems, there will be no charge.

    Cabin Campers is not responsible for damage to THE HIRER’s property caused by water due to leaks. Most (or all) travel insurances will however cover such damages.

    Refund for lost time: Any refund for on-road problems will be made at the end of the hire. The repair time will be calculated, and the downtime reimbursed at the time of delivery from the repairer. Down time will be calculated in hours, not days, and credited to THE HIRER’s credit card.

    Cabin Campers will not be held responsible for THE HIRER’S missing pre-organised tours due to vehicle repairs or breakdowns. Cabin Campers will not reimburse any non-refundable deposits or other associated costs incurred by THE HIRER as a result.

    In the event of a vehicle motor overheating and driven continually until it can no longer function, or any damage to the vehicle caused by user error, Cabin Camper has the right under its Terms and Conditions to terminate the rental agreement immediately and to finalise and cancel further use of the vehicle at THE HIRER’S expense. All towing, transport and repairs will be at the HIRER’s expense.

  1. MAINTENANCE & RESPONSIBILITY: It is THE HIRER’s responsibility to check and maintain all fluid and fuel levels and to immediately rectify and/or report to Cabin Campers if heavy usage of oil or coolant is occurring or any defect of which THE HIRER becomes aware. It is THE HIRER’s duty to check the fluid levels every five days (or 500km) to ensure fluid levels are correct. Please check fluid levels while the motor is cold early in the mornings. THE HIRER will be held fully responsible for engine damage if the radiator cap is not properly replaced and sealed after checking fluid levels and/or the warning buzzer or dash lights indicating problems for overheating is ignored. On presentation of receipts, Cabin Camper will reimburse refills of all fluids except diesel.

  2. VEHICLE USE: THE HIRER shall not use the vehicle for anything other than its intended purpose, or allow use of the vehicle to carry passengers or goods for hire. THE HIRER shall not allow the vehicle to be used to carry volatile liquids, corrosive or flammable materials or explosives. THE HIRER will not place any signage of any kind on the vehicle to advertise or alter the outside appearance of the vehicle. THE HIRER shall drive the vehicle in a careful and cautious manner and will not do or allow to be done anything to harm the vehicle.

  3. ROAD RESTRICTIONS: Cabin Campers campervans are not allowed to travel on unsealed (dirt or gravel) roads, or beaches.  Travel on these roads voids all damage protection cover. THE HIRER will be liable for all damage caused by traveling on unsealed (dirt or gravel) roads. The full cost of the damage to all parties concerned may be deducted from THE HIRER. If in the opinion of Cabin Camper a vehicle is found to have travelled on unsealed (dirt or gravel) road the bond/deposit will be retained until the vehicle is fully inspected and checked for damage. If no damage has occurred the bond will be returned to THE HIRER.
    Cabin Campers does not provide any on road assistance or repairs where the vehicle is on unsealed roads, this is THE HIRERS responsibility entirely to arrange their own assistance on unsealed roads.

  1. LIVING EQUIPMENT: Living equipment is included in the vehicle. THE HIRER will be charged for any missing or damaged items, a detailed checklist will be provided on pick-up.

  2. TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN: Cabin Camper will take no responsibility for incorrect vehicles booked for carrying children and any refusal to take the vehicle that was booked is classed as a cancellation on the day of pick-up and will not be entitled to a refund under any circumstance. Unfortunately the airbags cannot be turned off in our vehichles, so it is not allowed to travel in our campervans with children under 140 cm.
    Cabin Campers is not legally permitted to and will not provide any assistance in fitting or selecting child restraints for vehicles or any fines accumulated for children travelling in incorrect child restraints. This is entirely the responsibility of THE HIRER.

  1. EXTRAS: Extras must be booked in advance and prices our found on the Cabin Campers website. All extras must be returned in the condition they were picked-up.

  2. CONTRACTUAL RIGHTS: THE HIRER accepts that the Terms and Conditions make this a Norwegian contract and that THE HIRER will be bound by Norwegian Law in which the Agreement is contracted.
    This contract overrides any other contract form or contract taken in any other country. Any changes made to this contract may only be in writing and signed by THE HIRER and an authorised agent of Cabin camper. Cabin Camper makes no express or implied warranty in relation to this Agreement.

  1. KEYS: THE HIRER will be responsible for the cost of replacing keys which are lost or broken, or for the retrieval of keys locked in a vehicle. Cost of a locksmith travelling to the vehicle will be at THE HIRERs’ expense.

  2. PAYMENT IN NOK: All payments to be paid will be in Norwegian Crowns (NOK).

  3. DISCLAIMER: All illustrations, line drawings and text in any of our brochures or advertising material, including our website, are a representation only of the vehicles depicted. Variances in any vehicle or its equipment offered for rental may occur due to modifications and/or upgrades.

  4. EXCHANGE RATE/CURRENCY FLUCTUATION: All credit card transactions are conducted in Norwegian Crowns (NOK). Due to exchange rate fluctuations, there could be some variation in the amount initially debited against the credit card and the amount refunded when the vehicle is returned. Cabin Campers accepts no liability for these variations, up or down.

  5. ACCIDENTS: In the event of the vehicle being involved in an accident (either single or two or more vehicles involved) where damage in done to either Cabin Campers vehicle, any other vehicle involved in the accident or any person injured, THE HIRER or co hirers must contact Cabin Camper within a maximum of 24 hours of the accident occurring.
    A Cabin Campers insurance form supplied by Cabin Camper must be filled in completely and accurately, with detailed diagrams, descriptions of the accident, complete details from all parties involved in the accident, signed, and dated and forwarded to Cabin Camper immediately. If the above terms and conditions are not adhered to all insurance will be cancelled and the full amount of all repair costs and damages including lost revenue or medical expenses, refunds due to lost time for future customers and accommodation fees required will be forwarded to THE HIRER.
    Towing and retrieval of damaged vehicles to the closest Cabin Camper approved location is covered. In the event of an accident resulting in the vehicle being damaged sufficiently to require replacement, it is THE HIRER’s responsibility to make their way to the closest Cabin Camper approved location that has a replacement campervan available. Any expenses incurred whilst travelling to the closest Cabin camper approved location that has a replacement campervan or motor home available are THE HIRER’s responsibility.

    The majority of accidents are caused by driving at night or:
  • Driving too quickly
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road.
  • Turning across oncoming traffic.
  • Driving while fatigued, tired or sleepy.
  • Animals running across the road.
  • Reversing without due caution.
  • Driving whilst intoxicated.
  • Driving at night.
  • The driver becoming distracted by something on the side of the road.