How to fix minor technical issues

You will get a warning light on or the bulb will suddenly go out. The simplest and most effective solution will then be to drive to the nearest petrol station to buy a new bulb. Take care of the receipt. We will refund you for this.

First of all, check that there is enough water in the container under the sink. If the container is of the type with a red lid, this should be loosened due to Press. Sometimes it can take some time before the hose sucks up the water. You may want to move the hose up the container a little.

Unfortunately we do not change gas tanks for every car that comes in and goes out. It is also difficult to know exactly how much gas is left in the container. Therefore, our best recommendation is to drive to the nearest gas station before departure to buy an extra container in the back up just in case. This is to avoid the gas suddenly being empty and you being miles away from the nearest gas station. A new gas tank costs around 149 NOK.

 There are several different warning lights and sometimes a warning light does not have to be a sign of a problem that needs urgent solution. Sometimes the warning lights can disappear by themselves after a short time. If there is a warning light that indicates a low level of oil, this can be purchased at the nearest petrol station. If there is a red warning light related to the engine – contact us and we will guide you further.