Can we travel with small children/babies?

Unfortunately no. Our VW Crafters only have 3 seats in the front, and these have airbags. Our models also do not have the capability of turning of the airbag, which is required by Norwegian law when traveling with children with a height of less than 140 cm. For these reasons we cannot accept small children and babies as passengers in our campervans unfortunately.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes! We only ask that you clean the van, and also vacuum any hair from the dog before your drop-off. A vacuum machine can be found at most gas stations.

Are the vechicle insured?

Yes, all campervans are fully insured. There is a 5000 NOK deposit which covers self-risk, but insurance is included in the daily price. 24/7 road side assistance is also included free of charge. Please drive carefully and safely!

What are methods of payment for car rental service ?

If you book through our website booking/payment system you will be processed through PayPal secure payments, and can use any debet/credit card. If you book by sending us and email, we will send you an invoice which is also handled by PayPal. All payments must be made in advance of the pick-up date – we do not accept payments at pick-up.

How do i rent a campervan?

Either you can use the search/booking form here on our website to see if a camper is available on your preferred dates, or you can send us an email at reservations@cabincampers.no to ask about you preferred dates.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 4 days. So it is unfortunately not possible to rent a campervan for just 1, 2 or 3 days.

Where can I park the campervan?

You can basically park your campervan wherever you want and stay for the night or several nights. In Norway, the freedom to roam act regulates where you can go and where you can camp – and the basic, but quite unique principle is that “Everyone in Norway enjoys the right of access to, and passage through, uncultivated land in the countryside”. However make sure not to park too close (at least 50meters) to a private building/cabin/house ). Also make sure you are not blocking any roads.

Where can I pick-up and drop-off the campervan?

The campervan is picked-up and dropped up in Oslo, at Ensjøveien. If you have a special request for pick-up or drop-off and you are willing to pay a relocation fee for it, we are happy to discuss that as well. Just send us an email to reservations@cabincampers.no

What should i do if my campervan breaks down?

If your campervan breaks down please call +47 21 49 24 00 for 24/7 roadside assistance. The roadside assistance is free of charge and included in all bookings. Please also contact us during our opening hours to let us know whats happening.

Will I be reimbursed for technical issues?

Yes! Of course, if your campervan breaks down due to technical issues that are not caused by irresponsible use or accidents caused by you, you will be reimbursed for every rental day that you are not able to use it. Please check our Terms and conditions for more information.

For minor issues we will of course consider refunds on a case-by-case basis.

What fuel should I use?

Our VW Crafter campervans runs on Diesel – so it is absolutely necessary that you refill with the correct fuel (Diesel)!

You can drive approximately 600-900 km on a full tank depending on your driving and general conditions.

Is there a toilet and/or shower in the campervan?

No – our campervans do not have toilets or showers. Toilets are available at all gas stations, and most cafe’s and stores all around the country. A portable shower can be rented as an Extra, or you can use showers at official campsites.

Can I charge my phone, PC and other electronics?

Yes! While driving you can charge through the driving-area USB, and when parked you can charge through the living-area USB and/or socket. It is possible to charge any electronic device – but please be aware that battery capacity is somewhat limited so planning is essential.

Do I need to bring my drivers license?

Yes. An official drivers license from your country is required when driving around Norway. We will also make a copy of your drivers license upon pick-up or request a copy (picture is fine) before arrival.

Where can I refill water?

There is a 20 liter water-tank in the campervan (beneath the sink). The water tank can easily be refilled at any gas station (they have water hoses and the water is drinkable, generally all water in Norway tastes great). Please be aware that there is no gray-water tank, so all water from the sink runs straight through to the outside, this is no problem but you should probably avoid doing your dishes in a public place.

Where can I refill gas?

All campervans come with a gas tank which we refill regularly/when empty. Should you however run out of gas you can refill it at your own cost at any gas station.

What about toll road payments?

We charge a 300 NOK “return fee” which is automatically added to you total price which is payed in advance upon booking. This 300 NOK fee covers all you toll road passings. This is a great deal, because there are lots of them and they cost quite a lot.

What are the terms and conditions?

Please have a look at our Terms and Conditions page here.

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